Lifestyle in Jeju Island

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1. Eating habits
2. Clothing habits
3. Food habits


The lifestyle in Jeju can be found in Samda; three-many which are rocks, wind, and women. This is very well known in Jeju which is the list of that are abundant in Jeju Island. The rock is originated from the Mt. Halla volcanic activities from the past. Also the wind is strong and abundant because Jeju is located in the path of typhoons, so the islanders had to fight against the sea. The women, originated from the fact that most men of Jeju were lost at sea, which made women larger in number. Also, women had to come out to field with men due to the Jeju's living environment being harsh. It is a metaphor for women in Jeju working diligently. The famous women-divers who fight against wild waves to catch fish are the very symbol of Jeju,

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      Lifestyle in Jeju Island