등록일 2002.11.03 MS 워드 (doc) | 2페이지 | 가격 1,000원






Among the persons who I’ve met in my life, my first roommate is one of the most impressive. He is not only first roommate, but also first American friend for me, who have lived only with my parents and Korean friends. He must be a huge shock for me. Since I met him on email, I was very growing nervous about living with him. I can’t express how serious I was at first meeting. But, now, he is just like a trail blazer for me, having never lived in U.S before. Let me tell you about my roommate. Justin is as handsome as any Hollywood star. He stands about 6 feet tall and he has a slender build. His face is just like egg. His wavy, short brown hair supports his lively and smiling face. His hair is glittering all the time. His slightly arched brown eyebrows draw attention to his large, but not too large hazel eyes. His nose is straight and too neither long nor short. He has a thin lipped mouth. When he smiles, his well-formed and even white teeth brighten up his whole face. Even as he falls asleep, he keeps on smiling like kid who is very tired and goes to sleep. He also has convincing and believable voice. Justin comes from Texas, so he likes to be called a cowboy or country boy.
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