marriage and love

등록일 2002.11.02 한글 (hwp) | 2페이지 | 가격 1,200원




There is a Korean song that goes, "I wish to live with my loving darling forever, in a beautiful house on a green plain~". Everyone pictures their own ideal husband or wife, and dreams about a wonderful future spent with that ideal spouse. When people picture an ideal spouse, they usually think about that person's personality, and the ability to earn money. In my opinion, I think that you should think about more specific things, things that are more sensitive. In order to get married, two people have to meet each other. There are two ways for two people to meet. One way is done naturally, and when they get married it's called a love marriage. The other way is when a matchmaker introduces the two people to each other. This is called a marriage arranged by a go-between. When you consider more specific things, love marriage is more appropriate. The good point of a love marriage is that it is very romantic. Marriage life is an everyday life, and you spend a lot of time together with your spouse. Love between a couple has the power to relieve stress from social life, and it can be a comfort to each other. The love will also fill their lives with happiness.
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