Kimchi, the taste of Korea

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I. The history of Kimchi
A. What is Kimchi?
B. The origin of the name Kimchi
C. Major historical periods of Korea, Kimchi
a. Ancient Times
b. The Koryo Period
c. The chosun Period

II. The type of Kimchi
A. By region
a. Kimchi from Seoul, Kyung-Gi areas
b. Kimchi from Chungcheong area
c. Kimchi from Kwangwon area
d. Kimchi from Kyeonsang area
e. Kimchi from Cheolla area
f. Kimchi from Cheju area
g. Kimchi from Hwanghae area
h. Kimchi from Pyeongan area
i. Kimchi from Hamkyeong area
B. By season-Winter Kimchi
a. Tong Paech'u Kimchi (Traditional Whole Cabbage Kimchi)
b. Watery Kimchi (Tongchimi)

III. How to make Kimchi
A. Kimjang
B. Basic recipe
C. The way to maintain freshness of kimchi (kimjang-dok)

IV. The taste
A. The secret to the kimchi taste
B. the variety of the kimchi taste according to house to house

V. Is Kimchi a healthy food?
A. Vitamin
B. Kimchi prevents cancer

VI. Kimchi for foreigners
A. Kimchi fever in Japan
B. Kimuchi



Research Proposal

I want to tell you about one of the most famous foods in Korea, Kimchi. Kimchi has a very long history, It is also very healthful in many ways. And Kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, has become the best known of Korean dishes in the world.


This paper will explain the general information about Kimchi; what kimchi is, the history of Kimchi, the type of Kimchi and give some basic recipes. The final part will present my opinion about how to make Kimchi popular in other countries and explain about some foods which can be matched well to Kimchi.


This paper will suggest the way to make Kimchi popular in the other countries and suggest some American foods which can be eaten with Kimchi. So Kimchi can be popular in other countries and people who are not from Korea will be able to enjoy Kimchi.
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      Kimchi, the taste of Korea
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