CRM 전략

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A. Background and Objectives of the Study
B. Methodology and Organization of the Study
II . Current CRM State Assessment
A. Current State Assessment
B. Review of Credit Card CRM Practices
1. Information-Based New Customer Acquisition
2. Event-Triggered Marketing
3. Information-Based Customer Management
III . CRM Conceptual Definition
A. Future Sate CRM Vision
B. CRM Process
1. Create and Deliver Marketing Plan
2. Create and Deliver Marketing Programs
3. Execute Marketing Program and Close Sale
4. Evaluate Marketing Program
C. Gap Analysis between CRMS Requirements & Planned or Actual Functionality of Ongoing CRMS Initiatives
IV . Solution Definitions
A. Potential CRMS Initial Value Propositions
B. Conceptual CRMS Retention & Activation Prototyping Opportunities
B. Conceptual CRMS Retention & Activation Prototyping Opportunities
1. Marketing Planning
2. Program Planning
3. Program Execution
4. Program Evaluation
V. Credit Card Customer Life Cycle Management Promotions
A. Customer Activation
B. Usage Simulation
C. Event-Triggered Marketing
D. Balance Building
E. Cross-Selling
F. Customer Retention
VI. Conclusion
Abstract in Korean
CRM Approach
Customer Profitability


I. Introduction
A. Background and Objectives of the Study
The progress of industry brought up the change in service sector. A distributor or a salesperson in the credit card company, a typical service sector, tries to maintain a good relationship with customers, satisfy them and make them buy another product in order to win in the severe competition market. A Company’s customers are not just his/hers. In other wards, positive relationship marketing is needed in service sector.
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