An Old Idea is New Again

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혼다 자동차 딜러와 인터뷰를 바탕으로 실제적 근거를 바탕으로 작성된 인터뷰 페이퍼입니다.
전기 자동차가 가지는 잇점을 기술하였고, 인터뷰 내용을 근거로 사용하였습니다.
영문자료로 문법교정 다 되어 있습니다.




Not many people know that electric cars were invented prior to gasoline engine vehicles and disappeared pretty quickly, because they had a limited range of travel, and were too big and too expensive. However, the electric car became the topic again recently, as a result of technical innovations. The electric car now plays an important role as a part of a solution to energy, environmental, and economic problems.
All the oil on the earth will be exhausted within 100 years. Many people feel anxious about this fact and insist that the global community reduce the rate of dependence on oil products such as gasoline and diesel from this point onward for the benefit of future generations. One of the first things these people think of is the electric car. Since people consume most gasoline and diesel for their cars, it is true that motorists can save a lot of oil and reduce the rate of dependence on it by substituting conventional vehicles with electric ones. According to Corey Sandstrom, dealer of Honda Automobiles in Lewiston, Idaho; the Honda Civic hybrid, which uses both gasoline and electricity as its power sources, can run 51 miles with one gallon of gas while other conventional cars can run only around 30 miles with the same amount of gas.
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