article-five missing frog boys-

등록일 2002.10.05 한글 (hwp) | 2페이지 | 가격 600원




The incident got gull coverage in the papers and according to the papers, five boys were missing. The five boys who lived in Daegu, were reported missing March 26, 1991 after going to the mountain to catch frogs. It was big social issue, especially, among girls and boys about my age because all of them were about our age. So it come across my mind that me and my friends were discussing a lot about the news in classroom. Also the pictures of "five missing frog boys" were appeared not only on every walls but also on milk-packs at that time. Every people in Korea were trying to find them like this. They had never showed up until September 27, 2002, however.
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      article-five missing frog boys-