Role of TV

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1. Questionnaire
2. Introduction
3. Overview of survey
4. Results of survey
Graph 1: How often do you watch TV?
Graph 2: For how long do you watch TV?
Graph 3: What do you usually watch?
Graph 4: How does TV help to improve your English?
5. Conclusion


Since TV was discovered, the way people live, learn and interact has been changed for ever. Nowadays it can be called an era of TV as TV has become an essential part of our lives. There is no house that wouldn’t have a TV.
According to statistics children spend 5-6 hours in front of TV. In other words, TV has a bigger influence on children than parents. Still, adults devote much time to TV as well.
The purpose of the survey is to find out if the time, which people spend watching TV helps for studying English.

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      Role of TV
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