Should there be a total ban on smoking?

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1. Introduction

2. Main body
2.1 Why do people to choose smoking?
2.2 Three main harmfulness substance in tobacco
2.2.1 Carbon monoxide
2.2.2 Tar
2.2.3 Nicotine
2.3 Smoking and diseases
2.3.1 Cancer
2.3.2 Lung disease
2.3.3 Heart disease
2.4 Female smoking
2.5 Passive (second hand) smoking and negative aspects
2.6 Outcomes from survey

3. Conclusion


The population who smoke is increasing as people get stresses from the society in these modern times. Also nowadays, we easily can find teenage and female smoke much more than past years. Smoking is one of the leading causes to death in Australia and many other countries in the world and also it can be the largest single preventable cause of death and disease in Australia. The health effect of directly breathing in the smoke from cigarettes, pipes, and cigars are well known. In tobacco, the vehicle of nicotine delivery contains tar and over 4,000 chemicals in total. These carcinogens and over 4,000 chemicals are making each kind disease and cancer. There are around 50 tobaccos caused deaths everyday, 350 deaths every week, about 18,000 deaths every year []. Despite unquestionable fact, smokers continued to smoke and more people are continuing smoke.
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