[IPR] 지적재산권(Intellectual Property) 영문 레포트

등록일 2002.06.08 한글 (hwp) | 7페이지 | 가격 500원


What is Intellectual Property?
1. Protecting Intellectual Property
2. National Laws, International Accords
3. The TRIPS Agreement
4. U.S. Policy
5. <CASE STUDY> 영자신문 관련기사모음


What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is information and original expression that derives its intrinsic value from creative ideas. It is also information with a commercial value.

Protecting Intellectual Property

Key forms of intellectual property rights are patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs and trade secrets. Laws setting forth the scope and duration of rights provide the basis for intellectual property protection.
But laws comprise only part of a national system of intellectual property protection. Effective protection also depends on the institutions administering the system and the means available for enforcement.
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