등록일 2002.05.28 MS 파워포인트 (ppt) | 23페이지 | 가격 1,000원


1.e-Business Technologies
2.Today’s Web
3.What’s next?
4.Web Services
5.Designing Web Services IDesigning Web Services II
6.Web Services Model
7.Web Services Framework
8.XML Messaging: SOAP
9.The SOAP Envelope
11.What goes on the wire
12.Descriptions: Meta-data
13.Web Services Description Language
14.WSDL Structure
15.Using WSDL
16.Client invocation
17.WSFL Overview
18.WSFL Flow Models
19.Using Flow Models
20.Global Models
21.Discovery: Finding Meta-data
22.UDDI Overview


The Web services framework is being defined, standardized and supported by the industry at a record pace.
Broad industry acceptance and standard compliance will make it ubiquitous.Will bring an unprecedented level of interoperability to Web applications. The benefits of Web services, however, are not limited to the Web!
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