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I interviewed my friend, .............. She is a student at She is major in English.

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    Love and Umbrella In a dark room, I was trying to sleep in my bed. Sleep did not come to me till late at night. I closed my eyes to sleep, but I saw t..
  • 영어 영작문 5페이지
    Assignment 2 ? Interview These day ... about the interview” She told me “ Oh ... any other interview.” I keep ask “ What
  • [초급영작문]영어 Journal 2페이지
    No. 1 Today is White-Day. White-Day is similar Valentine-Day. The day is that a man give candy his lover. So, I enjoyed my boyfriend in Sin-chon. Whe..
  • [영어 영작문] 영어 에세이 2페이지
    [English Essay] ☞ If you had to live life as an animal, which animal would you prefer to be and why? → If I had to live life as an animal, I would lik..
  • [영어]영작문 1페이지
    Coast, Bridge, Night Scene The Fantastic City in Archroad Welcome to Beautiful World !! Kabaru The Fanta Coast The Fela Bridge The night scene of Kaba..
  • [영작문]영어일기 1페이지
    4703076 Stephanie When i was young, my family decided to visit a place called Moon-geong. It has lots of fantastic things. There are castles, rail way..
  • 영어 작문 (creative story) 영작문 영작 3페이지
    English composition (Essay in English) ‘Groomy rain’ Professor : Steave Major : advertising Kim seung won (Won) Student number : 200257017 A man who l..
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