Korean Pro Baseball Marketing

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1. Introduction of a full-scale marketing trend is in need, casting off the recognition as corporate publicity tool.
2. Dependence on a holding company more than 80% despite the great growth
3. Emphasis on corporate publicity rather than sports marketing
4. Fatal weakness in pro-baseball marketing is the non-stadium system for itself
- Ticket incomes
- Broadcasting charge
- Licensing
- Sponsorship
- Merchandising
- Event
5. Professional baseball management as an independent corporation and the need for integrated marketing strategies


KBO(Korean Baseball Organization), that began with 6 teams and 144 players in March,1982, has become a national sport being the talk of the nation뭩 daily mornings. KBO league has proved itself to hold great marketing potentials although it has been suffered from a great number of trial and errors and still has many problems. The league may have not developed as a good combination of marketing and sports. However, the league have settled down somewhat due to internal reasons such as the selection of appropriate policy like the franchise system, that have gotten fans more interested about the baseball, and external reason such as the insufficient role of other leisure sports to meet the public demands due to the relatively lagging leisure industry compared to the increase in public demands corresponding to the economic growth.

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