Othello - Iago

등록일 2001.12.12 한글 (hwp) | 4페이지 | 가격 500원


1. Read the following question and answer in English.
Iago in Othello is an evil character, to be sure. There are some interesting traits, however, to be noticed in his characterization as a man, a self-willed man, and a Renaissance man, in particular. Focused in this point, discuss how differently (or similarly) the original play and the film by Oliver Parker present Iago in each text. As for the film, notice Iago most of the time and Othello sometimes speak to the audience. How does this manipulation of the camera-eye affect our understanding of Iago (and Othello)?


The film is designed to let the audience peek into the world of it. It is under its own heavens. The forces outside of the film do not apply in it. However, when Othello and Iago seem to speak to camera because of their soliloquy, they make me involved in film. Especially, when Iago speak himself, I feel like reading Iago's diary and consider him of a hero.
Iago has no conscience. He is an angry man and is happy to take down everyone around him to get what he wants. Before I saw the film I imagined that he looked very bad. And I thought that he would be shorter than his wife or something because his suspicion of his wife seems to be caused by his inferiority, I guess.
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