W.W.Jacobs - The Monkey's Paw

등록일 2001.11.09 한글 (hwp) | 2페이지 | 가격 500원


* Summary of The Monkey's Paw

* 작가 소개


* Summary of The Monkey's Paw
The story centers on a monkey's paw which has magical powers. It gives to its owner three wishes. The monkey's paw is given to a family of three, father, mother, and son. They wish for some money, and the next day an employee of the company where the son is working arrives at the family's residence and tells the parents that their son has died in an accident and they will receive a monetary compensation, the exact amount they wished for. About a week later, the mother wishes that their son would return home alive.
어느 마술사가 오래 살다가 죽은 원숭이 손에 마력을 불어넣었다. 그래서 그 원숭이 손은 가진 사람이 세 가지의 소원을 말하면 이루어지는 신비한 힘을 갖게 되었다.50대의 남자가 있었다. 그리 부자는 아니지만 하루하루 즐겁게 살아가는 사람이었다.
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