[American short story] The Fall of The House Usher

등록일 2001.11.02 한글 (hwp) | 4페이지 | 가격 500원


It's my creative story


Foe's short story, The Fall of The House Usher :the behind story.


When I recovered my own consciousness, I was taking a note that seemed rather shady. When I, intuitively, was aware of that it was Madline's. Although I wouldn't like to take it, I found it in my hand. It was continued that I wasn't inclined to do. I started to read the record.
"At last, I used Roderick's accouterments, especially bed. I abominate them. I'm sure I'm bearing another evil."
I got goose flesh all over. Even if I assumed they had that kind of relationship, I couldn't think Madline had conceived. Then, did they meet their living result unfortunately?
"Last night was terrific. I have not ever experienced such a death agony. From beginning to ending, I have tried to remember the Virgin Mary. People have praised her parturition as the Immaculate Conception. Also, mine shall be praised in the other way for all archetype of every sin."
The result came up to my expectation. I closed the note and decided to burn it to ashes.
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      [American short story] The Fall of The House Usher