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For Test 1

1. What is ethnocentrism? Why is culture so important to the success of global marketing programs?

2. Discuss the pros and cons of barriers to trade. Discuss at least 4 common trade barriers and possible marketing responses to these barriers.

3. What is meant by cultural adjustment? What are the two components of material culture? Explain the concept of diffusion of innovations.

For Test 2

1 . Why is market development so important to international marketers? What are some common impediments to market development?

2. Why are legal problems so much more complex for international marketers than domestic marketers? Describe the major legal frameworks in the world (or at least 3 of the 4, allowing for imperfect memory!) What are some of the means to settling international disputes (other than weapons of mass destruction)?

3. Why might a country wish to domesticate rather than expropriate?
4. What is meant by the term "global product"? How does a global product differ from a multinational product?

5 Discuss some of the different home country and foreign market channel member options. Why might company size impact the choice of channel options"


Material culture affects many things of interest to the international marketer: types of products demanded, and functions of those products, levels of quality expected, price levels expected, even means of production if you are producing in that country. The material culture of a target market must be well studied, and cultural adjustments made, to ensure success.
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