American history through Vietnam war

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1. 미국의 역사가 한국보다 우수하게 평가받는 이유는?
2. 정의 역사과
3. 반의 역사관
4. 정반합의 논리로 이어지는 역사방향 잡기
5. 결론


America is one of the most powerful leaders in the world. They have economical power and international one at the same time. They have numerous population and huge lands. And these surrounding conditions have helped America get the power. However, they also are evaluated as high cultural level and their culture is very influential. (Of course, the standards of evaluation are not absolute but comparative and not quantitative but qualitative.) So, American cultural power is easily shown to our Korean country. For example, their music, Hollywood films are popular to Korea and even other eastern countries. American style foods also are well known to us as Macdonald and T. G. I. Friday restaurant. Above all, America has cultural comparative power in the history. Many Korean people would curious about this opinion. When we comparing their history with ours, American history is absolutely shorter than Korean history. American history is only few hundreds. Korean history is more than two thousand years. What's happening here? Why Korean history can not be regarded as good level like American history? From the case of Vietnam War, Koreans can find the reason of why Americans have historical power.

From the beginning of Vietnam War, American did not have any right to participate. It was a simple war between France and Vietnam. But America was participated in the war for the purpose of protecting Vietnamese from communist. At that time, there was cold-war between U. S. S. R (communism) and the U. S. A.(democracy) so that the U. S. A used the "Domino Theory" for making the necessity of participating. America insisted that the collapse of Vietnam would spark a global wave of communist triumphs.) Time, May, 7, 2001 page 37
Moreover, Americans always had won other wars (ex> Korean war) before the Vietnam War. They were sure to win against Vietcong. But America trickled into Vietnam with no knowledge of the country or its culture. Their enemy, Vietcong, already was supported by almost Vietnamese people and government people who cooperated with American army was so corrupted that American weapons were sold to the enemy. More than worse, American troops were hard to distinguish enemy from villagers. They had to kill the civilians even though they were children. After America was defeated, they were still insisted that they did right thing and instead of their guilt, Americans blamed Vietnam. For instance, Ho-Chi Minh was known as a bad guy at that time. In sho<font color=aaaaff>..</font>

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Time,July, 2000
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      American history through Vietnam war