wireless channel

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1. Introduction

2.Channel model

2.1.Lee model
2.1.1. outdoor model
2.1.2. The Philosophy of Forming Lee' Model Caused by the human-made structures only Adding the cause of terrain contour
2.1.3. A Normal-cell Model
2.1.4. Microcell Model

2.2.Ray Tracing
2.2.1. Indoor channel
2.2.2. Physical phenomena involved
2.2.3. General equation Reflection The transmission The diffraction The diffusion on a surface The divergence
2.2.4. Ray tracing model in a forested environment
2.2.5. Building Definition

(Joint Technical Committee)
2.3.1. History
2.3.2. wide band multipath propagation models
2.3.3 Physical Environments
2.3.4 General Channel Model
2.3.5. Doppler Spectrum
2.3.6. The Wide band Tapped Delay-Line Model Indoor Outdoor-Low antenna Outdoor-High Antenna
2.3.7. Implementation Simulation Block Diagram Simulation Algorithm and Result

3.Trend and issues on channel model

4. References


The increasing demand for cellular services offers a high challenge on the design of the cellular system. To be able to design a good cellular system and fine tune intricate parameters demands a good design tool. In the meantime, accurate propagation prediction tool is vital to the success of designing a cellular system, especially in the early stages of cellular and PCS cell design. The propagation
channel varies in time, frequency, and with spatial displacement. Because even in the static case, where the transmitter and receiver are fixed, the channel can be dynamic since scatterers and reflectors are likely to be in motion. The term multipath
arises from the fact that, through reflection, diffraction , and scattering, radio wave can travel from a transmitter to a receiver by many paths
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