Web-based Electronic Bidding System

등록일 2000.08.07 MS 워드 (doc) | 21페이지 | 가격 10,000원




1. 서론
2. 연구 배경
2.1 전자입찰과 Web기반 문서교환
2.2 IDEF 모델 및 시스템 개발 방법
3. DTD와 IDEF0을 이용한 Web 기반 전자입찰시스템 모델링
3.1 Document Trace Diagram의 정의
3.2 Document Trace Diagram의 작성
3.3 IDEF0 모델로의 변환
4. 건설산업의 전자입찰 Web EDI프로토타입 시스템
4.1 입찰 프로세스의 통합 DTD 작성
4.2 IDEF0 모델로의 변환
4.3 전자입찰시스템의 구성
4.4 시스템 구축 예
5. 결론


In this paper, we suggest a Document Trace Diagram, which we developed as a communication tool for complementing IDEF model. The concept of Document Trace Diagram stems from the fact that most information exchanged within or between organizations is in the form of documents and most standard operating procedures of organizations are about processing the documents. It helps system developers identify functions and their ICOMs(Input, Control, Output, Mechanism) with ease and little communication cost. With this methodology, we have constructed the electronic bidding prototype system for construction industry.
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