taylor,fayol 그리고 mayo 의 이론분석

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taylor,fayol과 mayo에 대한 간단한 리포트입니다..
영어로 되어있구요...


Firstly, what is management? It is that “the process of coordination and integrating
work activities so that they are completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people1.

Nowadays, the world is very activity. Almost it is not meaning that border between country and country in global market, however resource of the world is limit. Therefore Economic Principe is more important to modern people. This is why modern people have to study management. Management is one way of the important things to productivity. Many kinds of management theory are in the world, so those people; Taylor, Fayol and Mayo are three of the most important management theorists to study modern management. This assay is try to identify and compare their theories.

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      taylor,fayol 그리고 mayo 의 이론분석