Incan Technology

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1.) Introduction
2.) Incan Architecture
l Handling of Stones
l Doorways & Windows & Wall Niches
3.) Incan Mathematics
l Relationship with architecture
l Relationship with Time - Calendars (Astronomy)
4.) Incan Medical Knowledge
l Medical Knowledge
l Death
5.) Conclusion
6.) Reference
7.) Bibliography


Incan Empire expanded over the Andes Mountain range of South America about 3500 km from north to south with a width of 320km.1 However the Incas were not very good at ruling the large land. In 1532, Francisco Pizarro, who was a Spanish explorer, discovered the Incan Empire. Originally the Inca was a small tribe living in the Andes Mountains. By the time the Spanish found the Inca Empire, they had already conquered Mexico and the most of Central America and their population was about seven million.2 Incas, one of the greatest civilizations of America along with the Mayans and the Aztecs, left many achievements. One that I think is the most interesting is their architecture, which this essay is going to be mainly concentrating on.
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