Windows CE 3.0

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Windows CE 3.0 과 2.12 의 비교
Nested Interrupts.
Shorter Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) latencies.
256 Priority Levels.
ROM/RAM Footprint as Small as 400 Kilobytes (KB).
Processes & Threads.
Multiple execute-in-place (XIP) regions.
Support for on-chip debugging.
Internet Services
Internet Explorer 4.0.
ActiveX controls, Jscript (ECMAScript) development software
HTML version 4.0.
Dynamic HTML (DHTML), and cascading style sheets (CSS).
40-bit and 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Extensible Markup Language (XML) support.
GIF, JPEG, and BMP image format support .
Integration with the Java virtual machine and DirectX.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Server.
HTTP and FTP Protocols.
Telnet Server Sample.
User Interface Services
Graphical Device Interface.
Windows Menus Controls, Dialog Boxes, and Icons.
Raster and TrueType Fonts, and Color Printing.
Customizable Shell/GUI.
Receiving User Input.
Keyboard ,Touch screen and stylus ,Input panel ,
Handwriting recognition
Multimedia Support
Windows Media Technologies 4.1.
Windows Media Player 6.4 Control.
DirectSound® API.
DirectDraw® API.
DirectShow® API.

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