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등록일 2000.12.10 MS 워드 (doc) | 4페이지 | 가격 300원


Gold-plated britannium, weighs in at 8 pounds and stands at 13 inches tall. Every spring, Oscar Fever hits the entertainment community and film fans around the world and millions of cinema lovers stick to their television sets to see who will receive this little golden statue often called “Oscar”......In their first year, the Academy Awards were presented at a private dinner in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with fewer than 250 persons attending. Today, telecasted throughout the world, it absolutely became one of the most, popular, famous and influencing awards in the world.
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      1. 최근 2주간 다운받은 회원수와 학교정보이며
         구매한 본인의 구매정보도 함께 표시됩니다.
      2. 매시 정각마다 업데이트 됩니다. (02:00 ~ 21:00)
      3. 구매자의 학교정보가 없는 경우 기타로 표시됩니다.
      4. 지식포인트 보유 시 지식포인트가 차감되며
         미보유 시 아이디당 1일 3회만 제공됩니다.
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