South Park (movie)

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Very happy, Disneyesque MUSIC swirls in.

PAN DOWN from a pretty blue sky, to a small quaint town
nestled in the hills. A wooden sign tells us this is South


Birds fly into the air, TOWNSPEOPLE smile to each other as
they walk by.

It is a scene reminiscent of, if not directly ripped off
from, the opening number of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

A little eight year old boy walks happily down the street. He
is STAN MARSH, a noble looking boy with piercing blue eyes
and a strong chin. As he walks, he sings a happy song.

I'm going to the movies
To see the brighter side of life!
I'm going to the movie
Everything's gonna be alright!
Forget all my troubles
Put my own life on hold
Let a studio tell me
how I should view the world
Where everything works out
I love it that way
I'm going to the movies
The movies today!

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      South Park (movie)