Korean traditional architecture

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2.Ancient Architecture
3.United Silla Architecture
4.Koryo Architecture
5.Choson Architecture


Korean traditional architecture is characterized by its harmony with nature. It has developed through the assimilation of various cultural e]ements learned from foreign countries, or better learned from their human brethren, Since antiquity Koreans have developed a special inclination towards nature, adapting themselves to the environment, interacting with the changing tide of human thought and ideologies in the open arena of human civilization. From time immemorial, Koreans have held the belief that the heavenly world is located in the high blue sky, representing the blissfully brilliant and eternal utopia. According to such thinking In regard to the world and the universe and because of their serene and cozy natural environment, Koreans have formulated their own traditional architecture, Such characteristics are rustic, yet they gracefully harmonized with the surrounding nature.
The origin of Korean architectural traditions may be traced back to Northeastern Asian culture, namely the Scytho-Siberian origins, which was the cradle of Oriental culture. In primitive ages it was customary to honor the dead with sumptuous burial artifacts. The belief in animistic worship and in the eternity of the soul can still be witnessed in Korea among the remains of dolmens, which are the tombs of primitive people.


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