vhdl 프리젠테이션 지료(영문)

등록일 2000.10.11 MS 파워포인트 (ppt) | 33페이지 | 가격 1,000원


*Introduction to VHDL
1.A First Example
2.Basic Building Blocks of VHDL Descriptions
3.Structural Description in VHDL
4.Data Flow Description in VHDL
5.Behavioral Description in VHDL
*Styles of Description
*The Design Entity Concept


***Why is High-Level Simulation Required
Faster time-to-market
- Reduced prototype return
- Less time in the lab
- Verify design before board layout
- Verify ASICs and programmable logic before fabrication
- Develop software before PCB(printed Circuit Board)
Improve product quality
- Fewer cuts and jumpers on board
- Discover errors in lab ? not in the field
- Better price/performance
- Challenge higher clock rates and more complex Asics

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