The Browser Wars (Microsoft vs. Netscape)

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1. History & Market Share
2. Entry Strategies and Response
3. Competitive situation in 1998
4. Actual Strategy and Suggestion
5. What AOL should do?


Developments in Late 1998

AOL & Navigator
- AOL’ proposal : close partnership with Navigator
- transfer the job of managing Netscape’s Web site to AOL & put Case on Netscape’s board
- Jim Barksdale turned it down
- AOL agreed to make IE its default browser

Much of the competition for ‘eyeballs’ had shifted to the Web
Yahoo, Excite began to offer service ( E-mail, chat…)
The line between online services and major Web sites, portals, started to blur
AOL had begun to beef up the content available on its Web site,

The AOL - Microsoft relationship had come under strain
- AOL’s closest rival was MSN was the second-most visited site on the Web
AOL opened new phase in the browser wars
: by announcing that it had agreed to acquire Netscape ( $ 4.28 billion in stock )
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