Thai Food

등록일 1999.11.08 한글 (hwp) | 15페이지 | 무료


* Introduction 1
* Fruit and Vegetable Carving 5
* Ingredients and Basics 5
* Sauces and Curry Pastes 8
* Rice and Noodles 9
* Soups 9
* Fish and Seafood 10
* Vegetables and Salads 10
* Meat and Poultry 11
* Vegetarian Dishes 11
* Street Cooking 12
* Selected Thai Dishes 12


A bountiful land lays the foundations of a great gastronomical country. in Thailand, the pearly white rice is produced in abundance and remains the yardstick by which well being is measured. The government has set up an efficient irrigation network whic h gives a second harvest in most areas. Moreover, among the many varieties of rice, Thailand boasts a fine, long grain type, called "khao hom mali", so delicious that it can becomme a meal in itself.


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      Thai Food