LP Travellers Reports: Nepal

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LP Travellers' Reports: Nepal


Country Update

In 1989 it was 200 Rs for an Annapu
a Conservation area entry permit, but in
1994 the laws changed. Anyone now entering the area has to pay the new price
of 650 Rs. However we were told if we did just a short 3 day trek such as the
a skyline trek, you would be outside the boundary and therefore only
needed to pay for a trekking permit and not a conservation entry permit.
<I>Emma Pritchett - UK (12/95)

Visas, Embassies & Border Crossings

The Royal Nepalese Consulate General in Helsinki, Finland has moved to
Kaisaniemenkatu 1Ba 00100 Helsinki (tel 90-13116230, fax 90-680 1024) The price
for a single entry visa is FIM220 = US$50.
<I>Heikki Rink - Finland (01/96)

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